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Blue October
Argue With A Tree
Live CD

Blue October
Argue With A Tree
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Boa Drape

Psalm 69

Bleeding Rita
The Season of Our Discontent

Psalm 69
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C is for Crazy

Stone Culture



Hi. My name is Piper Skih (pronounced sky), and I'm a musician. I've been playing music since I was five. As a kid, I would tell anyone who would listen that I was born to play music, born to be on the stage. When my cousins and I got together, we always staged a big production for our family. I think the Christmas we did "Santa and the KISS Army" was my favorite one.

My mom started me on the piano where I would plunk out tunes until it was time to go to bed. I remember loving the sounds coming from inside that big box. I made my real stage debut playing the keys with my uncle's band when I was just 10. Against my mom's wishes, I picked the french horn as I entered middle school and played it for the next six years (she wanted me to play the saxophone as she told me I'd never be able to play the french horn in a rock band...).

It was when I was fourteen that I found my musical calling.. the bass guitar. I fell in love with rhythm and everything about the bass. The summer of my freshman year, I worked until I saved enough money, $205.00, and bought my first bass guitar; a pawn shop beauty weighing in at 16 pounds. Wasting no time, I formed my first band, Avalon, with then best friend Regina. We played for many years together, touring the Texas / Oklahoma / Arkansas region in two different incarnations, Stone Culture and Neurotica. After that, I played and recorded with several other bands; making music videos, doing studio work, playing both coasts and every where in between.

In 2003, I toured with Sony Recording Artist Zayra Alvarez; playing the guitar, bass, keyboards, and backing vocals on her spring tour.

Later that year in July, I was hired by Universal Recording Artist Blue October for their History For Sale Tour as a bassist and midi pedal player; touring with them four times around the country through October 2004. I honed my stage skills during this 18 month period, as demonstrated in Blue October's Argue with a Tree DVD and Live CD filmed in June 2004.

While off tour, I enjoy painting, building, writing and hanging out with my three wonderful cats, two big beautiful dogs, my incredible husband and my fabulous friends. I've been writing and preparing songs that will one day be released under my gangsta name, Lowfat Pussycat. I am currently working on my first book and have just finished a series of paintings entitled, "breathing like me".



"I feel like I am my purest self while performing music, whether it's in my home studio or on a stage - I can always find myself through music." --me

"Piper's incredible talent and natural grace defines her capacity to easily adapt to most circumstances, personal and professional. She is as comfortable on a stage in front of 30,000 people as she is sitting on her couch in her living room." ----Piper's mom

"...a lovely young lady with such a musical vibe and inspiration... her warmth and kind heart not to mention her incredible style.."
--- Justin Furstenfeld

"karma's a bitch" --Swin

meow, meow, meow, meow...
---Madison Kitty

"no, you won't get in trouble, just sign the damn paper.."
---Piper's sperm donor

"but the film is a saddening bore, cos she's lived it 10 times or more... she could spit in the eyes of fools when they ask her to focus on ..." --David Bowie


Everything else about Piper ...

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
....to dispel all stereotypes (mr. bright eyes), Piper does not own an oil well, a horse, or a ranch; and, she is NOT a Bush supporter

Animals: three cats & two dogs

First Love: music

Hobbies: writing & playing music, painting, & dreaming

Endorsements: ashdown engineering

Favorite Color: yellow

Favorite Place: ocean

Favorite Food: mexican/greek

Favorite Car: 2005 mustang 5.0

Favorite Drink: green tea, yellowtail shiraz

Favorite Plant: rosemary bush

Favorite Movies: every Wes Anderson movie, A Room With A View, & Auntie Mame

Favorite Band: southFM

Favorite Songwriters: Aimee Mann, Davie Bowie, Johnny Marr

Favorite TV Shows: arrested development, law & order svu

Instruments Played: piano, french horn, bass guitar, guitar, charrango, midi pedals, spoons, & currently learning the saxophone (thanks mom!)