In late November 2003, I got to experience the 13th most haunted building in the United States. It was about 4pm when I first heard this news and I immediately grabbed my camera and headed inside. The first person I came across was Charlie, the head security guard. I asked him what was up with the ghosts and he said he would rather not talk about it. I press and he finally gave up some info. He said that things would be thrown off the roof and when security would check on it, no one was up there. That when big shows with lots of people where going on, the spirits roamed more freely. That the building was completed in 1926 and eventually came under the supervision of a cruel man who allegedly killed several women and children. That six people died in one night in the pool. I called the spirits out to play, not really realizing what I was getting myself into. I went to the restroom and while I was sitting there, I felt a cold wind pass through me and the toilet paper started moving. I got up and went to McDonalds. When I returned, I asked Charlie if he would take me on a tour of the restricted areas, like the pool and the basement, and he said sure, just after the show - which would be after 2am. These are the pictures I took. They say that the bigger the orb, the older the person was when they died. And the smaller the orb, the younger. The brighter the orb, the more recently deceased. And the more dull the orb, the longer they've been dead.








This is the upper level of the main room. We felt a presence behind us. Look at the small orb near the ceiling in the middle.


Notice the small orb sitting on the metal folding chair. And how the chair is down...

Can you see the other orbs just hanging out behind us? (note: the feathers on the left side are just from my coat)

This view is from the upper level in the pool area.
Pool view from upper deck.
As the story was told to us, a young man hung himself from the ledge that is directly behind Dusty. As we were taking this picture, we were joking about how a ghost would come out on film right next to him.... (and above him and on the other side of him...)
The tour guide told us that they kept trying to fix up this basement room, but that every time they painted, it looked like this a few days after...
This is Neil (socialburn). Someone told me that this is a vortex orb - shooting in front of him. (and who's hand is on the girl on the rights head?)









...and, scene.